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Perdoceo Education’s academic institutions offer a quality education to a diverse student population in a variety of disciplines through online, campus-based and blended learning platforms. Our two universities – American InterContinental University (“AIU®”) and Colorado Technical University (“CTU®”) – provide degree programs through the master’s or doctoral level as well as associate and bachelor’s levels. Both universities predominantly serve students online with career-focused degree programs that are designed to meet the educational demands of today’s busy adults. AIU and CTU continue to show innovation in higher education, advancing new personalized learning technologies like their intellipath™ learning platform. Perdoceo Education is committed to providing quality education that closes the gap between learners who seek to advance their careers and employers needing a qualified workforce.

Perdoceo Education's business and operating strategy is built upon core guiding principles, including:

Sustainable and responsible growth – our institutions seek highly motivated students with both the desire and ability to complete their academic programs of choice.

Student retention and academic outcomes – we emphasize the importance of student retention and academic outcomes at each of our institutions, with a commitment to investing in leading technology resources and a structure that helps increase accountability and improve overall student experiences and retention.

Academic quality and integrity – academic outcomes and career readiness are attained by our students as a result of the quality learning experience they are provided which is facilitated by career-oriented program development, engaging instructional delivery and qualified faculty.

Compliance with regulations – our institutions employ specialized staff to review, interpret and establish procedures for compliance with regulations governing financial assistance programs and processing financial aid applications.

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